Thank you once again for visiting our web site. Is all well and good at the Road Accident Fund? If you  or any member of your family is injured in a motor accident, is your Attorney going to encounter problem,ms in recovering compensation from this Fund, to which you contribute every occasion on which you fill up your motor car with petrol?

We publish here for your information a letter we have written to the Road Accident Fund, outlining our experience in dealing with claims on behalf of our Clients. We will not provide answers to the questions we have posed above but will let you be the judge once you have read this open letter.

We can and do also advise you that this open letter has been published on the web site of the South African Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and in due course we will update you on the response we have received. We look forward to being of service to our Clients.



Click Here to download our open letter of complaint against the RAF head office.

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